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April 24, 2008



but of course this is a cool concept, it was started by the son of a LIBRARIAN!
Librarians rule.
Good work, and thanks for the reminder it's time for me to offset my voracious book buying again...


While anything that actually helps reduce our impacts on the environment is great, an opportunity and need that Eco-Libris seems to miss is encouraging publishers to use recycled paper. Trees for the most part are not cut down just for paper, paper is mostly made from by-products of the timber industry (although anything we can do to reduce demand for unsustainably harvested forest products is a good thing).

Printing books on recycled paper will not only help reduce some of the pressure to cut down trees, it will help support our recycling infrastructures by creating markets for all that paper we set out for recycling, help provide paper for recycled paper mills who are now struggling to get enough paper, and create jobs-- 2-10 times more jobs are created in recycling than disposal of waste. And, recycling creates less pollution and fewer greenhouse gasses than making paper from trees.

So please, Eco-Libris encourage publishers to require recycled content in the pages and covers of their books, and book readers, please recycle your paper!

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