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February 12, 2005


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» Google's Tail - from Docu-Blog/Steve's POV
When a phrase works, it works. Now it seems like "The Long Tail" has been around forever. And companies are referring to it as if everyone knows the concept and agrees that it's basic reasoning is sound. It is. And now the latest to jump on the bandwag... [Read More]

» The Long Tail and Google from Northwest Noise
Google gave a prying eye into their assessment of The Long Tail and their business model, via The Long Tail. Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, explained how these millions of small-to-midsized customers represent a huge new Long Tail ad market.... [Read More]

» Folk Music Saved by M$ from Odd Quanta
In 1948, Moses Asch founded the Folkways Label, which went on to create "one of the richest treasure troves of recorded Americana", according to Ben Sisario at the NY Times. When Asch died, the Smithsonian purchased the collection. In Arts > Smithsoni... [Read More]

» Defocus on the Long Tail from BPWrap - A Different Point Of View
Focus on your Niche or harvest your Long Tail. I say do both. [Read More]

» The Long Tail: "La longue queue" from LudoBlog
Non non, vous n'êtes pas sur Canal+ un samedi après minuit ! Mais bien sur un blog de geek ! Il s'agit ici de "long tail" (dont la traduction n'est pas très heureuse !), une théorie de Chris Anderson apparu... [Read More]

» The long tail of software from Vidar Hokstad's random musings
I've just finished reading Bnoopy: The long tail of software. Millions of Markets of Dozens. and I highly recommend it. The idea of a long tail is not new, but was popularized by Chris Anderson of Wired. The concept contrasts... [Read More]

» Search's Long Tail from Search Engine Watch Blog
If you've somehow missed discussion of "The Long Tail," it's a reference to a landmark article of the same name by Wired editor Chris Anderson that ran last October. It covered how the media and entertainment industries will succeed not... [Read More]

» Troubles at Google Adwords? from Goyami
I have come to realize that there may be some troubles at Google Adwords. To explain I need to give you some background. I feel that Google like's Todd as a customer much more than they like me these days.... [Read More]

» Weblog Review: The Long Tail from Notes from the (Legal) Underground
Weblog of the Week: The Long Tail Why I Like It: The Long Tail weblog was created by Chris Anderson, the editor-in-chief of Wired, as a sort of companion to his October 2004 Wired article about the Internet, [Read More]

» Google Classic vs. Google Home from Alex de Carvalho
The debate is now on over Google's introduction this weekend of its personalized home page. (Remember New Coke?) ... Do you like it simple? Or do you like it flavored (sweeter)? Well, now you have a choice between [Read More]

» The even longer tail and the Adwords API from Emergent Properties
At first, the Google Adwords API doesn’t really seem like much, just a way to write simple programs to do some automating of tasks that are already pretty easy. I’ve bought ads on Google before, and it’s really fairly straightforwar... [Read More]


Constantinos D

you have to start collecting royalties of some of these guys!

Constantinos D

you have to start collecting royalties from some of these guys!
that was a pretty interesting webcast from the google guys too. and btw, their new maps service is amazing.

David McCormick

There was a piece on National Public Radio on 16 Feb (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4502046) that talked about how the internet is transforming China's economy. The part that struck me as the Long Tail component was the story of the business-to-business advertising web site that is gaining literally thousands of companies per week and allowing companies to find each other (in China and internationally) in a way that completely bypassed the traditional wine-and-dine-and-graft local business culture. It's astonishing.

Cheers, David.



You can tell the long-tail is being reached by Google when sole trading delivery men in North London buy google ad words. And why wouldn't you, if you were them.

One way of considering the long-tail is to recognise that we are moving into a post-fordist economy. You can have any colour, as long as its the colour you want.



What's teh best way to find user behaviour and search term patterns?


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Vinny Lingham

My blog recently outlined why Google will rule over MSN & Yahoo in the short term, at the very least. The Google Long Tail approach certainly does vindicate my analysis.







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Searchboth.net is the first site to place google and yahoo side by side on one split screen. The web site takes the user's query and creates a browser window with two frames, with the results from Yahoo! on one side and those from google on the other. It has completely end up the hassles involved while searching different search engines at the same time.

Derya Baykal

And why wouldn't you, if you were them.

Ken Nickless

Interesting post.Wow! More than 1 billion a quarter, should've taken those shares a few years ago!


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Yeah huge revenues indeed,I think as long as youtube keeps running they'l keep dominating the market place But hey nothing lasts forever'.

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Google will rule over MSN & Yahoo in the short term, at the very least.


Thanks for posting about Google long tail. I do website marketing myself and your blog is great research for my website marketing Video Podcast series

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post.Wow! More than 1 billion a quarter, should've taken those shares a few years ago!


Matching these advertisers are hundreds of thousands of previously sub-scale "publishers", from blogs to niche commercial sites
yes, it's sbs


long tail is crucial for smaller sites and specialist SEOers.
I make my living from the Long Tail!! lol

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Rick Lyle

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