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March 28, 2005


Matthew Gertner


I just noticed my blog "Peer Pressure" in your sidebar, but the link looks incorrect. I think it should be: https://www.allpeers.com/blog/?p=24.

Also, my last blog entry might be of interest as well: https://www.allpeers.com/blog/?p=78. It discusses how del.icio.us is morphing into a meritocratic moderation system for the long tail of webpages.


chris anderson

Matt. Thanks for the catch. Fixed.

Patrick Dodd


Thanks for the mention on the sidebar. I would like to point out that we are an American company, not Indian as you mentioned. Specifically we are an Offshoring / Homeshoring hybrid with specific expertise in J2EE/J2ME develpment. We're reinventing offshore software development by using Agile Software development methodology (we deliver working software in 30 days using SCRUM). We're creating jobs in the US because we find that most company's prefer creative collaboration on software development over the 'throw it over the fence and see what comes back' model they think they have to use to do offshore development.

We use an excellent Java Development team in the Ukraine and US based analysts and project managers. This affords our clients - the millions of markets of dozens - three big advantages.

1) The pace of a project is effectively twice as fast, as development is done while the people that develop the specs are sleeping and visa-versa (we call this "double time")
2) You still get a local person to collaborate with
3) You get 4 people working on the project for the price of 1 or 2

Thanks again for the mention on the sidebar!


Patrick Dodd

Chris Anderson

Patrick: Thanks for the clarification. Fixed.

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