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August 17, 2005



A couple of points.
First, once upon a time, these aggregators were, themselves, somewhat of a niche. No more.

Second, because the lists are, to some extent, marketing for the aggregators themselves, and because an aggressive blogger could spam their way up the charts, all bets are off as to which blogs are really tops.

More than half of the daily visits counted at my site are spam. I use a script to strip them out of my logs so I can get realistic traffic information. There's money in spam and there's money in high traffic blogs. No longer do I take any traffic claims at face value.

Oh and, nice blog. I can't wait for the book

kenjimori (Japanense)


Then, it is about the cost of categorizing or of filtering to make it meaningful.


It may or may not be directly germane but Mark Cuban posts about IceRocket.com's rating system (of course, this requires ACTUAL work on the part of the blog maintainer, for what that's worth.

Post here.


Boing Boing and Fark are not subculture, they're just "neta" (funny and interesting links).

Brett Morgan

There is a good reason that blogs are typically hard to segregate into categories, because blogs are not magazines.

Magazines learned a long time ago that they had to adhere to customer expectations, to become a "knitting magazine" or a "cooking magazine". Not conforming to that lead to lost sales.

But blogs aren't for sale. They are the collection of random brain farts of people. So, we wind up with everything from insightful reportage to off the cuff photo shoots of the cat on the same blog.

And we love it, because instead of getting some homogenised blend with no indivuality, we wind up with the twisting travelogue of another real individual.

The advertisers have to realise that they are dealing with a new reality. The branding these people are selling is themselves, not "knitting" or "cooking".

Quite what this has to do with the long tail, i'm not quite sure. And, that I suspect, is my point.

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