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September 09, 2005


Ethan Kaplan

Couldn't agree with you more about GO4. I got into them quite late (as I was 5 when they brokeup basically) and mostly because REM were such fervent fans.

I think what separates Go4 from their modern equavelents is that records like Entertainment! don't have a design-by-committee feel. It was organic, visceral and terribly difficult at the same time. A lot of times the tendencies toward this get watered down through signing, advances, production, etc. Entertainment! will always stand as something that (to quote Michael Stipe) is "to the source."

Dave Allen

Thanks to Chris and Ethan for the kind words. I have discovered that Long Tail has quite the reach as my email inbox rapidly filled up with questions about Pampelmoose and Gang of Four. Music and technology and its confluence has been a passion of mine since the early 90's and now that GO4 is back in the public eye it has been fun educating journalists about its ever increasing potential as we go from city to city. I'll keep an eye on Long Tail as we travel around the world - the next leg of the tour starts in NYC next Thursday. Any one interested in our activities will be able to track them through Podcasts on my Pampelmoose site.

chris anderson

And I should have mentioned that Hugo Burnham, the drummer, is now an English teacher (among other things) at the New England Institute of Art. (bio here

Not quite sure what Jon King's been doing, but whatever it is it's treated him well. He seemed remarkably un-aged in the reunion tour.


What bands were you in? Any info online?


Gang of Four was also one of my favorite bands in the 1980s and I was thrilled when I learned of their reunion tour. I saw them in Portland and was impressed by how much energy they put into their performance. They took the stage and never let it go. It made me realize the difference between true performers and musicians who just have live shows.

Marketing Headhunter.com

Gang of Four rocks. Whew! Whatta band. Caught them live @ Legion Field in Athens, GA in 1984. I can sum the whole affair up in one word: Ferocious.


Hey - thanks for the down low on GO4. Was a big fan in the eighties when I actually loved a man in a uniform!

Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.

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