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September 29, 2005



Chris, I'm not much of a gamer: Are these videos appropriate for young children? ("Appropriate" = little/no onscreen violence, bad language or nudity)

chris anderson


Well, it's all a judgment call by the parents. We think that Halo itself is okay for our kids (killing aliens, not people, and in non-realistic settings), but it may not be for other parents and other kids.

As for the films itself, the word "shit" is used in one episode (two?) so we've deleted that one. There's a ton of fighting, but again it's videogame fighting so it's no worse than the stuff on many TV shows for kids of that primary school age. There's no nudity or sexual themes.

Again, all families are different so your mileage may vary.


Hi, I'd like to say, thank you for writing this. I'm sure I speak for everyone on The Codex forums when I say the more publicity we get the better. I'm glad you enjoyed what so many have (and unfotunatley, so many have not)


Hi, I'm from the Codex Forums as well. I'd like to thank Chris and his babysitter for showing tham the Codex. The more, the merrier, we say, so drop by and have a look. View the trailer and that will get you addicted, guanateed!


Hello to all that have read this review, I like the two people above am a member of the Codex Forums and would also like to thankyou for such a positive review. Also, to anyone reading this please check out the Codex Series and perhaps become a member.


Also a codex member. Thanks Chris for such a great review. It's always nice to acknowledge other people's hard work and the Codex crew definetly put much effort into the series. They came out with a stunning result, so for those of you who havn't seen it, it's definetly worth checking out.



The Codex is a stand alone first in the Halo machinima community, but it’s only a first. As a fan of machinima I can say that there are hundreds of these types of videos that are at par or even better then the Codex but are basically ignored for one reason or another. I suggest that if you enjoy the Codex that you go Google 'Halo Machinima' or even just 'machinima' and you will find many more 'underground' video's that are both funny, serious, sad, dramatic, over all entertaining.


I applogize if I offened anyone here with my comments, I simply ment to state that there are others out there and hopefully people will enjoy the others if they enjoyed the codex.

allen thompson

They need to get back together and start the second season of the Codex!


I'm from the Codex series forums

Just wanting to let ya know that the new series: The Heretic, a prequel to the Codex Series, is going to be released sometime in the near future (we hope!)

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I love this series. Many Dresden fans seem not to and complain that they are not like Butchers other books. Well yeah!! It is a different series with different characters and even a different world. I have been told that the Dresden books are full of sarcasm whereas Codex Alera is not. I don't really care. I am a head over heals in love with this series.

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