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September 24, 2005


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Chris Gilbey

This is really great stuff. I have been working on a project recently about consumers becoming creators and this is a great reference piece for it...


Chris...that graphic was A LOT of info. I'd be interested in a more concise analysis of how you see Web 2.0 as part of The Long Tail. Feel free to add your thoughts during our blogoposium this coming Wednesday.

Mary Schmidt

Will this be on the mid-term? But seriously, folks, this is excellent - looks like "we" are finally starting to focus on results, versus creativity for creativity's sake. I talk to clients all the time who are incredibly frustrated with their web marketing - they a web designer to build a really purty site...and they can't update it themselves, nobody can find them and Google ignores them. To add insult to expensive injury, the designer lacked any kind of business background and only the fuzziest handle on the software, so the site is full of dead-ends and broken links.

Tom Guarriello

Is it just me, or is "All Rights Reserved" at the bottom of the original size Flickr upload of that graphic more than a little ironic?

Tom Guarriello

Turns out ALL original size Flickr images display an "All Rights Reserved" copyright.


Tim O'Reilly sums up the benefits to Long Tail book authors in having their works available via the Google Library Project in a New York Times op-ed piece.

John "Z-Bo" Zabroski

I am not a big fan of the "Web 2.0" meme. Neither are any of my fellow programming friends. In terms of the Software Engineering paradigm, most programmers I talk to laugh at the phrase "Web 2.0" and point out it's meaningless.

I am not insulting Tim O'Reilly here; rather I am making it clear that there is a difference between "Web 2.0" the term used by marketers... and "Web 2.0" the term no programmer wishes to speak or think.

If you are going to use an idea to describe technology, I think it's important to have the support of the real developers of the technology.

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