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October 17, 2005


Arun D


'Surprise' winner the NYP tells us?! Did you beat out some high profile contenders?

Fantastic to see a magazine like Wired win mainstream awards. (And apologies if describing Wired as non-mainstream is somehow insulting;))

On the actual AdAge awards - are these advertising funded awards the most prestigious for journalists working in magazines? The 'Madison & Vine' link you point out is quite interesting.


Chris, congratulations!

Rafael Torres

Congratulations, Chris, and welcome to Puerto Rico!

Barry Ritholtz

Mazel Tov!

Ben Schwartz

Wow, congratulations, Chris. That rocks. You certainly deserve it!


I'm old & must be out of it, b/c I'm just learning about Long Tails.... but I love the concept. Can an *idea* be a Long Tail? For example, there are Big Spikey Ideas (like Freedom from Undue Taxation, or Gender Equality) and then there are other ideas that don't make huge (initial) impacts, but eventually creep into everything. For example: Take anthropology (like who pays attention to *that*?) and the concept of "culture" which American anthropologists promoted back in the 1940 (like where *hasn't* that concept infiltrated now...)?

Nuno Souto

Entirely deserved! Congratulations.
The "Long Tail" editorial piece of 2004 is one of the best chunks of writing I've seen in decades, as well. Well done!

Chris Anderson

My name is Chris Anderson too, and I'm a freshman at the College of William and Mary. I would really like to intern for Wired magazine. I read it all the time, and I think it's cool that we have the same name.

Chris Anderson


way to go Chris!

Just call me Mike

Er ... d00d ...

No, we are not evolving into multiple tribes. No, we do not have a "massively parallel" culture. We have a culture, and your magazine, which I admit I do not read, is a part of it, as is your superficial understanding of "tribalism" -- at least in the theoretical sense that cultural anthropology delivers.

Now, for the superficial sense that sells magazines to impressionable yout's, it works just fine. Have fun with it; it's just a blog after all -- and it could get you on Oprah.

Jeff D

Chris - any response to this?

John Blossom - Shore Communications Inc.

Congratulations, Chris, you've set the standard this year.

All the best,


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First of all a big Heartly congratulation to you and your team because it's a great achievement to win the award against great competitors like scott donatan and hope you carry on the same winning streak in the future....

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