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November 26, 2005


Martin Spernau

Thanks for this post! It got me going again on a topic I had put on a back-burner for quite some time.
Googling around today I found something that might be of interest to to anyone interested in the machinima thing.
I'm not sure how relefant it is as the latest news on the page is from May 2004, but this software can be readily downloaded:


+Puppitt is an easy to use machinima tool that empowers the user to create real time rendered animations using meshes from the game "The Sims" or other games, such as Half-Life, Quake, or Unreal. This software has not been released yet. Please check back soon!

+Presence:Erotica is an open-ended engine that is fully user modifable and scriptable. The included scenarios are simply samples of what can be done with the engine. Everything from models, to sounds, to the logic can be modified. See the documentation for more information.


Chris, when I visited the guys at Rooster Teeth -- the company that makes Red Vs. Blue -- they described precisely this technique to me. Though Michael Burns, one of the crew, also pointed out to me that the targetting reticule has a kind of cool aesthetic itself; indeed, it's visible throughout the entire first season of RvB (the second and third, too?) While he was editing some footage he pointed at it and said, "if this is the modern version of puppetry, then those are the strings." I thought that was beautifully put!


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Camera Accessories

I've always wondered why you insist on earning money from machinima...but I guess the camera angle part is annoying, and I can see someone paying a small price to get it done. As for me, however, I like to do that stuff myself...no offense.

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