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November 25, 2005


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Robert Scoble

I'd love to see your list of feeds! I'm cleaning mine out right now. Will post on those soon.

Justin Kownacki

I wonder if any of the blogging pioneers envisioned a day when they'd be counted on as the gatekeepers of mainstream media information. The question is: did they establish that reputation themselves, or have we over-stimulated readers gladly handed them the reins?

John Dowdell

One more value to add to the list is filtering information efficiently... a blogger who can get to the point offers more value than a blogger who requires readers to wade through a few paragraphs in each article in order to skim what they've found newsworthy that day.

Danny Bloom

I think something important is lost when we don't read print paper texts on a daily basis. What we read online misses alot. We rush past everything. With print on paper (POP) we take our time and actually READ the words and THINK about them. Online sucks!

Dimitar Vesselinov

6984 Feeds I subscribe to:

Adam Moskowitz

at the end of the day we must always be our best filter, thus, keeping our filters in check. whats interesting is how great filters beget great filters which can beget even greater filters. speaking of, i have been filtering my favorite stuff about long tail. check it out:



This is a very good article on the “why you need to” blog from a renter’s perspective. I hope that some key folk saw this post and will take heed to it.

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