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December 19, 2005


Tim Windsor

Congratulations! I've been a reader since nearly day one.

Have you considered running your feed through a service like Feedburner? They offer reliable tracking of the number of feeds delivered.

Ashley Bowers

Happy 1 year anniversay. Impresive stats for a first year blog!Interesting lessons learned but I tend to find alot of people say they are forgiving but when your not there talk alot!

Jason C

"Current Technorati rank: ...around 200"

Am I the only one who feels a bit of irony in the fact that The Long Tail blog is approaching the head? Congratulations, Chris, on a successful year.



It took me a long time to realize how important it is to promptly respond to all the comments, good and bad. Actually, especially to the good ones, as that spawns a better discussion. For trolls, the other commenters usually do a better job than the host as they have more freedom to be nasty than the host.

Dave Davison

If you do read these comments, please look at my "private" journal at Future Creators -: "The Long Tail from Chris Alexander - Blogging your next book"

Retire at 30

You might want to look into feedburner as a way of keeping track of how many people are subscribed to your feed (www.feedburner.com).


Thank you for all of your hard work on this site! I really enjoy reading your posts as well as the left-hand side links, and have learned a LOT as a result. Keep up the great work and enjoy your holiday. Hope the book is a huge success.

Manav Sehgal

I do have a suggestion for your "Long Tail comment elsewhere" sidebar.

I use a Wordpress plugin called MiniBlog on my blog. It allows me to post "asides" or mini-posts with relevant URL, title, content and also has a neat feature of attaching a tag. I can use this tag to link the mini-posts to the related main posts, like I have done here - see under Recent Updates headline.

The plugin can also list the mini-posts separately similar to your sidebar, as you can see here on the archives page - see under Recent Activity headline.

Hope this helps - I am sure TypePad community can write a similar plugin if one already does not exist.


Thanks for putting your highlights/experiences up. It's extremely helpful to see your thoughts on a past year of blogging.

I like your point about commenting on topical stuff. Get it done quick, while it's still hot out of the oven.

Thanks again.


First of all congratulations and i am really surprised by the stats. I really appreciate your work and i read the tips as well as the experiences shared by you which is really useful...

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