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December 08, 2005


Morris Maynard

I bought a Media Center PC system from Dell this Christmas, including a "Media Extender Bundle" which means the Xbox and the Extender software and remote. Alas, the Extender software version is 1.0, and so far I have had no luck in trying to obtain the 1.01 version on CD or otherwise. Any suggestions?

Larry Mellichamp

I just bought a hp media center pc.
I want a good media center extender.
I want to know before i buy it if when I run a slide show if it will have that nice slight automation out on the remote TV that you get when you use the media center slide show from the pc.


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Being a Media Center user I am completely thrilled with the potential the XBOX 360 has to integrate.One question that I have is whether the XBOX 360 will also stream the Live TV feed by hijacking the tuner (I have dual tuner). While I typically just watch prerecorded tv (I can't watch tv without jumping over the commercials Big Smile), sometimes I just want to watch live tv and love the ability to pause it. Of course the XBOX 360 would likely be hooked up to a tv far away from my media center and that tv won't allow me to pause a show; so to get around that I would just watch tv using the tuner from the media center.Is this even possible?

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