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April 17, 2006



Dear <>? That sounds almost like the beginning of a really bad SF story.

"Dear <>, Nay, not dear, but dearest and darling. Though we live so close together, we rarely get the chance to talk. Yet, through these long months, I've admired your sleek curves, your contoured surfaces. My heart is keyed the soft way you descend and the jaunty way you pop back up. Won'y you pop over this afternoon, just for a few moments? Hoping to be your beloved, <>"

Then <> can get involved in the love triangle, and <> can try to take revenge on <> by attacking <> who can only escape by taking refuge in "Safe Mode".

Okay, that's starting to make "The Eye of Argon" look good.

So will you take the Minsky book?


Argh. That was supposed to have key names like Alt and Ctrl between the braces. Sorry.

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