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May 23, 2006


David Warlick


Thanks for making mention of Gore's contributions to the Internet. I remember thinking back then, when he was promoting the "superhighway" within the context of education, that "here's a politician who 'gets it'." I also remember thinking that things were looking up for technology and for education. Technology has certainly moved forward, inspite of politicians. Education, on the other hand, has gone backward.



The Wired article on Gore is great. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

christmas presents

the old indie film system is dead when a film of al gore's traveling slideshow somehow gins up distribution, sundance & cannes showings. the hyperbolic overstatement of armegeddon style typhoons submerging nyc doing nothing for eco friendly technologies either. it looks like a logrolling mutual admiration society, congratualating each other on their eco sensitivity.

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