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May 17, 2006




this is really useful stuff on Lego. It'll make great details for teaching the business aspects of computing science - just geeky enough to be cool. Thanks!


Well, if it works for Tesco.com...



And copyrights ? Who own models made by users ?


I think Lego has it all wrong. There should be no such thing as "only... the pieces you need". I don't want my kids to be told how to build an amusement park, space station, zoo etc. and then provided with just the right parts for the job. They have their own imaginations, thank you. All they need is a "bag of (too many) assorted parts", and out comes something magic that you never expected. Anyhow, even if you buy a kid a custom-desiged space-ship kit, it will - or it should - be something totally different next week.
The only thing wrong with an "expensive bag of (too many) assorted parts" is the word "expensive".

Car Movie Guy

Thanks you for this informative post.

To me this seems like such a ridiculous concept myself. First of all lego pieces are incredible easy to lose. I understand that they are packaged by hand and I'm sure that lego has spent a tremendous amount of money to ensure that each piece is accounted for, but it goes without saying that a piece will get lost unless the parents are the ones putting the kit together. More headache at a higher price. I don't get it.

ozgur alaz

I think lego factory is great great tool. The most excited aspect is Gallery page. Imagine you can buy hundreds sorts of Lego toy (other designs) on Lego.

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The building is a hell of a work but the PROGRAMMING of thsi factory. I have worked myself with the old mindstorms and it is not very easy to program but this factory RULES!
5/5 (cant get higher)I hope that guys posted this vid on the offical lego site, mayby they will produce it. I will be the first to buy it ;-)

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