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June 26, 2006



Send me a copy please, would love to buy one if nothing else!


Will you be speaking in San Diego?

Griffin Caprio

How do we know if we've been accepted?

Lucas Murtinho

Don't know if my blog will be eligible, since I usually write in Portuguese. But I'd be happy to change languages for a free book - especially this one, that is taking a little too long to hit the shelves.


Yeah, how do we know if we've been accepted? Any possibility of an email reply?


This is one of the greatest ways to get some buzz - hope I made the cut.

Grant Henninger

While free things are all well and good, there is a much more important subject to be address in this post: reminiscing about my childhood. AstroCamp was an awesome experience when I was in elementary school, and I'm sure your nine-year-old had an awesome time. I remember one night we all acted out plays, and I based mine off of Calvin and Hobbes, people made fun of me for it (because children are cruel like that) but I know my play was awesome.

For future summers I would recommend the Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI), which is somehow related to AstroCamp, and of course Space Camp and Space Academy. I had great experiences at all of these places, and if your progeny is anything like you seem from your blog and your work, I'm sure they would have a great time at these places too.


I'd rather pay for mine, to help the Long Tail economy :)

Looking forward to reading the book!


Oh, I almost forgot. I do want mine autographed of course. When are you coming to L.A.?

Ben Schwartz

As the person who introduced Chris and his son to AstroCamp in the first place, it's great to see another AstroCamper. I look forward to hearing about the Andersonling's adventures in Idyllwild when he returns.


Richard Akerman

Maybe you should suggest a tag for reviews, e.g. longtailreview ?

Pankaj Saha

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Amy Campbell

Would love to read the book, do you still have copies?


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