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June 30, 2006


Craig McGinty

If it is only London you are going to see :-( please keep us in touch with where we can track down the interviews etc.

Imran Ali

Any plans to tour further afield - the UK is more than just London :)


Any plan to come in France ?
Are your book has a translation planned ?
I will read it in english but i would love to spread it in french.

Thanks for one year and half of light !!

Chris Anderson

I'm afraid London is the only European stop on the book release tour. After next week it's NYC, Silicon Valley and Seattle (I'll post the specifics soon). But I do have a full speaking tour for the rest of the year, after the book release, and that will take me to France, Spain, the Netherlands, Cannes and elsewhere in Europe. I'll give those dates later this year, after the book tour.


Any plans to visit Australia? While we might lack in population, we make up for it in spiffy sunsets!

John Powell

just heard you on Radio 4 - sounds like the long tail has finally got some mainstream exposure! Might mean that my students have heard of it when I start talking to them about it on my technology and innovation course. Good luck with the tour - I'm looking forward to the book.


The Radio 4 interview is up on their site, but you'll have to be quick as it doesn't hand around for long.

Please see:


at 8.50am.




Hi, which is the difference between the two "Long tail's" that appear on the amazon UK site?



Is it just the same book but one is the US edition and the other the UK one?

Thanks! and good luck in your trip. We'll be waiting for you here in Spain.

Chris Anderson


You guessed it. The first is the UK edition; the second is the US edition. Why they're both available on Amazon.co.uk I don't know. Their content is identical, so buy the UK edition because it's available direct and has free shipping.




You can hear/downlaod the audio of your fantastic talk for the ippr with Shaun Woodward MP here:



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Hope you had a great working day at London. Is it worth it working there? Have you enjoyed the place even when you're working?

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