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July 25, 2006



In listening to your speech on Google video I was struck by similarities to another piece of arithmetic on the web at http://www.lcurve.org/where in fact the tail ends are well represented.

I would be very interested in what you thought about the facts and what smart ways we can fatten the central areas of the curve and lessen the tail ends, which seem the opposite of your focus (quite rightly)in the area of marketing.


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Very interesting article indeed... Hittail is an amazing tool!


It is limited by the number of people willing to spend their time taking incredible longshots on getting a hit plus the number of people producing content because they feel like it.

Cydney O'Sullivan

Dear Chris, I recently saw you speak at the New York World Business Forum with a very interesting group of world class speakers and business leaders. I was so fascinated by your passionate and enjoyable presentations that I felt compelled to write and thank you. I went straight out and bought a copy of your book and am enjoying that and your website immensely. You have opened up a treasure trove of new thought directions for me, and exposure to cutting edge information that I was previously not tapped into. Thank you again. Cyd O'Sullivan

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