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July 06, 2006



Chris, can we fairly call a Grammy nominee -- for the completely irrelevant to actual electronic music Best Electronic/Dance Album Category no less -- a Tail artist? For pete's sake, besides LCD, the nominations suggest that judges haven't listened to hit electronic musicians after ~1995.

I dig LCD too, and, to be fair, its nomination should be celebrated for the identity crisis hipster hissy fits that it caused. And this does raise an interesting question - what do we call people btwn the "Short Head" and the "Long Tail", btwn major hits and tiny tiny niches? I hesitate to call it the Torso.

Tony Leach

I was in Borders in Palo Alto last night (7/6) and saw The Long Tail on their New Release rack! Right in the center of the store! I thought the release date was 7/11 - can anyone confirm this? I would have bought it right then but have a gift certificate to Amazon I need to use...

John Dodds


Transport breakdowns prevented me from getting to the London geek event, so I'll have to ask my question here. You've queried the "long tail reducing choice" argument on the grounds of lack of subsidisation, but what about the idea that the least popular stuff will be given away and subsidised by an increased the price for the more popular stuff?

David Saunders

Thouroughly enjoyed the Long Tail book.

Thank you

David Saunders

Charlotte NC

Account Deleted

Chris, I was at the NYC party - had a good time, but where were the "Long Tail" beers?


All they served were Bud and Bud Light!! :)

Mohan Iyer

Hi Chris,
I am reading your book and I think you have done a great job. The principles and truths behind the long-tail phenomenon are slowly falling into place, in my mind.
I noticed that nowhere in the book you had produced a true 80-20 curve of the long tail phenomenon. Is it possible to have a one-column list of sales of any of the items you are talking about? I need not even know what that item is - books, or DVDs or music. I can produce a true 80-20 curve and I suspect that this would provide some insight.
Thanks for your time.

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That's Awesome news, It must have been a great fun in the party. I wish i could have been there so that i could have enjoyed every moment.....

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