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July 30, 2006


Ellen Weber

It's a powerful video if you think of the responsibility end of things. Seems to beg the question: What would the blogosphere do differently to create choices that improve our world. I think that through blogs like this one we begin to get the answers... but I also think we need to keep asking as blogs grow. It also begs questions about growing thoughtful relationships with media experts and we see some of that too. What a great new era it could become! Thanks for showing us new possibilities.


When they start blogging back at us, they will be us!

Jon Wright

Quite a clever video that, although it seems to be lost on a lot of the audience over at YouTube.

Hopefully it will enventually sink in.

Love the line "Can't we just start blogging back at them?" "Well yeah, but where's the money in that" lol

Anil Gupte

Wonderful to hear that your book is doing so well. I can proudly say, "I read him back when..." it was just an article in Wired. I quoted you in my business plan almost two years ago and I am a big fan. Please pray for my business to succeed, if nothing else, to prove your point! :-) See http://l3media.blogspot.com/2006/04/bollywoods-long-tail.html for a reference to your work.


Mr. Anderson,

What a book. Just finished. How can I email you a question I had, that I don't want to post on the blog.


Michael Markman

Chris, Congratulations on breaking into the NYT list. One question: if you really believe in the power of the tail, why are you working so hard to keep your book up at the head?

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