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August 28, 2006


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Nigel Pond

Posting images like you would copy from clipboard? That's what I'm trying to do with my site - users can post URL for an image (as a hotlink which some may see as evil?) I'm currently half-way through TLT and I have to say that I'm using it consciously to design the site in its functionality and its economic direction... Although I'm thinking that I may be trying to do much by myself so I may have to tap TLT of PHP developers...


I'm betting a kind of Google PLM isn't too far off down the road. Google Office + Google Earth = Google 3D Internet (with embedded advertising).

Rex Hammock

Chris, perhaps the way you're describing Ozzie's concept is what I'm about to say, but when MS first announced they were including RSS in Vista (not just IE, but the OS), the possible scenarios they used of how it may show up are similar to what you describe. In layman's terms (except laymen don't use the terms RSS and Atom), one should be able to have an Excel spreadsheet on ones desktop or posted online, where each cell could be a separate RSS (or Atom) feed so that when the cell on the source file is updated, the subscribing cells are updated via the RSS feed. I guess that's the "live clipboard" thing -- but I'm with you: All of that has to be simplified so that the technology enabling it is hidden and as easy to use and display as YouTube is making video.


At some point we won't even need to have computers. We'll all just be part of a huge living network.


To me this seems that this is further evidence that Google is trying to commoditize stuff that Microsoft makes a killing off of. By making it free and easily accessible, it'll pressure MS to react, and probably decrease the price & competitive advantage, etc which in turn hurts the bottom line of Microsoft.

Dave Whorner

Have you read the Joe Krauss post on the long tail of applications?



"...not meant to replace Office but to compliment it..."


Love your book and this blog, but did you mean "compliment" or "complement"?

Chris Anderson


Good catch. Fixed...


Marshall Kirkpatrick

I think this app from Dapper may be an example of just what you are looking for. I reviewed the whole system here.

Richard Michie

Personally I'm all for anything that starts to shake Microsoft out of it's monopoly. We've all put up too long with the stuff we're forced to use. But you're right, Google needs to offer something more than just another spreadsheet and I'm surprised that that's just what they've done where's the little unique twist?


Hi Chris,

I am Ramesh from Zoho Sheet, an online spreadsheet application. We already support publishing of live charts, where you can create a chart in your Zoho spreadsheet and then embed the chart in any web page. Changes in the Zoho spreadsheet will automatically be reflected in the published chart. We will also be supporting embedding the spreadsheet itself very soon.


Peter Forret

And in the series "What would the Youtube of ... look like":
Youtube for PDF: embedding documents


I am Eduardo from eyeOS

Our aim is to replace not only the Office Apps, but all the apps that a user needs. So we can have a browser-computer that connects to a server (we are GPL, so it can be our server or your own server with eyeOS installed on it) and all you need is there. Not yet there though ... :)

RP Mickler

Chris, it comes down to your observations on choice, niches, the appeal of software as a plug-n-play component. The consumer was options and increasing, the consumer requires options integrated into medium of choice. Consumer choice, ubiquity, ease of use and motion, an integrated/open/integrated (holistic) experiences, combined with a great price tag (free), exposes Microsoft's (and other ISV's, for that matter) solutions as bottlenecks. As you pointed out in your book, a wiki defeated the encyclopedia publishing bottleneck. Writely, Online Spreadsheets, OpenOffice, will work similarly to release the bottleneck - no barrier to entry.



Love your book and this blog

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Cerita Dewasa

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