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August 27, 2006



I recently read a very interesting take on Amazon's EC3 and why the author believes its not about margins in infrastructure.

What do you think ?

Frugal Duchess

I'm reading your book now because I have to review it.
I'm enjoying the assignment a lot.

Question about your launch party:

Did you have mostly heads or tails at the party?
How could you tell the heads from the tails?

Also, do you have a small piece (re-spun or re-cycled) that I could feature in my Frugal Duchess Blog?

For instance:
Will you chat about what you spent during that two-week book tour or about your own approach to money?

Thanks so much!


Hi Chris, I am reading your book at the moment and I have one question for you.

I work in the niche market, very niche market, in very small country Croatia - very small market in relativelly big Europe.

Do you think niche market is long term gain for smaller or bigger markets?
thanks and best from Croatia

Jayme B

hey - I found your book thanks to an article about FLAVORPILL in this weekend's newyorktimes. sounds very interesting! both your book and these flavorpill cats...

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