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August 10, 2006


Mick Stanic

Nice...good choice of publisher Chris :)

Graham Chastney

Very nice indeed.

Do you think that it's significant that the dots symbolising the long tail are the ones that make up the top of your head? :-)


Eine wirklich super Seite!

Ben Schwartz

Another great video, Chris. What fun.
And can I just say that I love that introduction? Tee hee. Just putting that out there. Best publicity I've ever gotten.



Over the last year and in a country like Colombia, underdeveloped but with amazing talent potential, I have been feeling a weird energy pushing up and out in many entertainment topics. I had no idea how to classify it until I met " the long tail ". It's the natural andersonism of such huge talent around....

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The approach you share here is pretty much exactly what I'm trying to do, but I must say Im a little bit surprised at how the factors for ranking for long-tail vs. generic terms differ according to this graphic.

You can rank for long-tail phrases without any links from within the community? Would it be possible to rank for "compare credit cards" if you created such a site and linked to it from some other sites that have absolutely nothing to do with credit cards? Would link authority be enough to rank for that term?

Whereas for "credit cards" you could pile up link authority from seobook, cnn, bbc, nba com, etc. and not get a top spot if you dont have any actual links from related sites?

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