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September 06, 2006



i didnt know u read that! think you could give a list of feeds you're plugged into?

Chris Anderson


The feeds I read are publically available here.



Very much related to what I posted today, only I see these things becoming the first autonomous, auto-upgradeable, hyper-connected weapons platforms.

There is a Long Tail link imo: for weapons. We're just not there yet.


I forwarded your post to Prof Jean Veronis (a language specialist in France - http://aixtal.blogspot.com/), he replied me that this is known for quite a long time

1st reference to his knowledge is

GA Miller, EB Newman (1958), "Tests of a statistical explanation ofthe rank-frequency relation for words in written English", AmericanJournal of Psychology, 71, 209-218.

Hope it's useful!


Alex Bukinis

Israel army is the most advanced in the world, that how investment in research human potential is returning its divedends. I just wonder where is Japan in this rank of high-tech armies with their robots, are there any or it is only TV promotion os Japan advancement?

Jean-Baptiste Rudelle

Great Blog on The Long Tail. According to many user feedbacks I collected, the future challenge of Long Tail lies into personalized filtering. There is just too much to grasp in the tail, and without relevant filtering, users get often lost. Especially those who don't have a clear idea of what they are looking for.

used computers

The IBM plugin relays in several WASAD plugins, for this reason there's no compatibility with eclipse, and I've don't have to expect too much more about this...

printer cartridges

"The idea is that it might be sent in ahead of Israeli foot-soldiers to recce dangerous or booby-trapped areas or buildings."

I wonder why these neighbours of Israel booby trap their buildings? Why don't they cover their houses with flowers and welcome the soldiers into their homes instead?

They could hug Israeli tanks that come on visits to their country, blow kisses to their bombers, bat eyelids at their gunships, make kissy faces at cluster bombs.

And when Israeli soldiers march across the border, they should leave little love notes for them with little scented hearts to show appreciation at the visit.

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