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September 22, 2006


Valeria Maltoni


This post is perfect for me to visit and let you know how much I'm enjoying and using the ideas in your book.

My hometown is Modena, Italy, where they make Ferraris -- in Maranello to be exact. I used to know his nephew way back then.

Writers do say that metaphors are worth a thousand pictures -- well Dan Pink at least says that. Isn't that car a beauty though? Italians can really do design http://www.ferrariworld.com/FWorld/fw/index.jsp.


Long tail versions of many different sports cars have been produced specifically for the Le Mans 24 hour race over the years. Porsche also produced long tail versions of their sports racing cars, and some of these were nicknamed 'Langheck' (German for long tail). The Porsche 962, probably the most successful sports racer of all time, was a long-tail version of the earlier 956, although it was never called 'long tail', probably because the 962 designation was enough to separate its identity from earlier versions.

john simonds

here is the Porsche 917LH (long tail or Langheck)


Marlin May

Oh Lordy.

A few weeks on the best sellers list, and he's posting pictures of Ferraris.


Kenn Munk

but then again, it says 23 on the side... that usually leads to bad things...

christmas presents

Hi.This is great work.It would be great to own a full size and race it as well.

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