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September 23, 2006


Jayesh E

Hi Chris,

I have been an avid follower of your blog and read your book recently.

Have tried to find out at what stage the Indian media market vis-a-vis the long tail on my blog http://booletpoint.blogspot.com/2006/09/long-tail-and-indian-media.html.

Would be glad if your had a look.


I am intrigued by the concept behind The Long Tail. And you're right. Once you're cited in a mainstream comic strip, well, you're a household word!

Rob Dolin

I wouldn't worry too much about going mainstream just yet :) Fox Trot's author has a pretty deep math and technical background.


Hey Chris -- congrats on making it to Foxtrot. And as Rhea stated above, Foxtrot isn't exactly mainstream... but I bet Foxtrot's typical audience is the same as yours... and feedback loops are always fun.

Here's an extension of the long-tail you might not have anticipated: the long-tail of internal communications.


Today Foxtrot. Tomorrow, Doonesbury!

Zenophon Abraham

Hit the mainstream? Ah, no. The Zeitgeist. Yes.


I think The Long Tail has made it to the mainstream. This is an extract from a send-up of Web 2.0 in The Sunday Business Post:


The long tail business model argues that you can turn a considerable profit by selling what no one wants to buy - provided, of course, that you can sell enough of it.

This innovative site uses NMSTRoR (Name More Stupid Than Ruby on Rails) technology to identify the products that people are, in the greatest quantities, not buying.

This is a more complicated job than most people imagine.

With all of the money that changes hands these days on the web, it takes a complicated algorithm to determine that people are not buying hamster droppings more than they are not buying belly button lint.

By offering for sale the items that no other site in its right mind would carry, Longertail.net keeps its warehousing and customer service costs to a minimum. A very long tale, indeed."

The rest of the article is at http://www.sbpost.ie/post/pages/p/story.aspx-qqqt=MORE+COMPUTER+NEWS-qqqm=nav-qqqid=17556-qqqx=1.asp

You know you've made it big when you're being satirised.

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