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October 08, 2006


Dennis D. McDonald

Sounds like another argument for alternatve distribution channels (also known as the Internet).

Greg Banville

This movie isn't the only one suffering from poor box cover art in the video and rental market. Wandering around the video store as I often do, I'm often struck by how bland and uninteresting most of the video box covers are. I think this is one art form that hasn't ever achieved a standard of competence. I notice that even movies I thought were stunning have cover art that turns me off and gives the impression that there is nothing interesting to be found inside. Everyone is invited to test this observation by going to the video store and looking at the covers of movies they liked among those they haven't seen.

John Dumbrille

Interesting. I may be off, but judging by the detail you've given of the Canadian movie, sounds like you might be nudging a latent long tail phenom for these guys. Hope so.

The emergent visions of how to bring a niche movie to market are pretty fascinating. One example I've been following: Hugh McLeod at Gaping Void is jumpstarting interest-then-distribution for a small budget British Movie - by leveraging his blog with patter and publicity for small public pre-screenings.


Here is another interesting wrinkle. Domestic box office is considered to be US and Canada (which usually accounts for about 10% of the total). Since The Dark Hours was released in the US by Freestyle Releasing and in Canada by Capri Films, the Canadian box office numbers didn't show up in the domestic totals. I don't know the official numbers, but it was much better than $423.

However, there is a perverse glee in crossing the finish line last.

-Wil Zmak, screenwriter "The Dark Hours"


Chris, as a sometime horror writer and full time s/w engineer, I tend to spend a lot of time hanging out in the long tail. I was delighted to see you give "The Dark Hours" some love. I reviewed this great little Canadian horror flick over a year ago and was hoping it would do well given the great reception it got at its screening at Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival (a long tail festival if ever there was one). In Canada I presume The Dark Hours made much more than $400, since I attended a packed screening with over 700 people, each paying $7CAD apiece.

Check out my Dark Hours review at Dread Central, and for god's sake, rent this movie!



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THE DARK HOURS sounds like the kind of mind-bending movie I'd like. I can always buy it on Amazon.com...

So it's a Canadian movie? Who cares? Apparently 1/4 of Hollywood was born in Canada!


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