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December 05, 2006



hi, Mr. Anderson. I'm a college of Economics in China. I read your book The Long Tail today, the Chinese edition of course. That's a wonderful book, it changes only my opinion in Economics, but also my view of best sellers. Also, I found Long Tail phenomena in some other fields, like scores of students in middle school. That's very funny!

So, when I back to my dorm, I get on line, and come to your blog once!

I leaves my blog address on the link of my name, but, as I'm a Chinese student, almost all of the content are in Chinese though I've tryed to write my articles in English this two days.


"The reason is that in many of the official Lego line-following contests, you need to go straight through a four-way intersection, and edge-followers tend to fail there."

Your solution, though, seems to prompt your 'bot being pulled over for DUI.



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