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December 04, 2006



Smith is a very popular comic book writer, who has done Spider-Man and Green Arrow. Perhaps that is how these young people know him.


I would argue that Smith's success is more than just the Long Tail at work. The guy not only posts regularly at his message board (direct communication with fans - what a concept!) but also posts to his own blog and his MySpace. He is currently shooting a weekly webisode/mobisode show in conjunction with MTV-U and UCLA. He continues to be relevant to a large mass of pop culture fans.

Aside from all that, Kevin's fan base continues to grow the same way that Jim Belushi's and Cheech & Chong's does. His movie collection is passed down in dorm rooms & fraternity houses. You'll see posters of Clerks & Mallrats right next to Animal House. Clerks is as still relavant to an 18 year old working a crappy job today as it was when it first came out.

So it boils down to the chicken & the egg here. Is Smith's success because of his ridiculous amount of touch points, or does he put out so much merchandise and work so hard at communicating with his fans because of his success?

Chris Saad

His loyal and rabid fan base cannot be attributed just to his work in comic books or hand-me-down movies. As Chris says those were catalysts and symbols of his brand - but they are not the reason people engage with him as a creator so passionately.

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Who is Kevin Smith?

Chris Anderson

He's the director of Clerks and other indie cult classics.

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