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December 13, 2006



Is 'Out There' not also based on the principles of 'Good to Great' by Jim Collins and co? I've tried to embrace most of this in an extended book-review.


In my professional life i have found these results are right on the money.
One day for my venture i will follow these advises...


Pat Coyle

Direct marketing guru, Jay Abraham, taught me to share my knowledge as much as possible. His theory is that people will assume you know even more than you're sharing. Tim Sanders (formerly of Yahoo) wrote a good book, "Love is the Killer App: how to win business and influence friends,". His core recommendation is to give knowledge to people you meet in business - try to help people with information - and you will differentiate yourself and build your personal brand. It works.

Roland Hesz

Funny how this "share information, help business partners, etc." line of thought show up in every Multi-level Marketing organization. :)
Honesty is the best lie they say - or watch my hands, I am cheating as the stage-magicians say :)

Nonetheless, I too believe that honesty and being open and transparent can help - unless half of your business partners and co-workers use it to stab you in the back.

To be honest and transparent, you have to be strong.

Jason Calacanis

In terms of "sensitive information" I've found that for every piece of data you put out there you get at least five in return. When I started publishing our Google Adsense data at Weblogs, Inc. the information might have helped Nick Denton/Gawker Media/other blog competitors on some level, but I was helped 10x more by the private emails/IMs I got with techniques on how to improve them.

If you are a confident and capable competitor you don't mind putting your data out there because you know you can out-execute the competition. We didn't dominate Nick Denton's blogs because of some inside information--we crushed our #2 competitor because of execution.

You can do a million things in the locker room to prepare for the game, but at the end of the day this is like the NBA in that the players who play the hardest and smartest ON THE COURT win.

Fdeki Bercut

Funny how this "share information, help business partners, etc." line of thought show up in every Multi-level Marketing organization. :)
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kenji mori

Management By Blogging Around (MBBA), then.


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