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December 15, 2006


Todd W.

I wonder if Lucidiom has made any estimates or plans for how long it will take for the 5X7 print to become the de facto standard low-end print. Will it attempt to hold the price umbrella up on that size or do they project a steady erosion of the pricing for that slightly larger print to the point it becomes the 19-cent print?

Or, will the "head" compress to the point where all profit is squeezed out of the 4X6 and they are STILL forced to bring the 5X7 down to earth, simply cutting out a fair portion of "tail" revenue without any foreseeable extension at the far, far end?

M Neto

I'm glad you added "that every industry needs to have a strategy for Long Tail marketing".
I have a Promotional Marketing Agency in Brazil, and every time I talk to my clients about the long tail (heavy weights like Unilever and Volkswagen) they fell like it does not fit their business. It's so obvious to understand the concept when you think about digital music and digital photos, but becomes trickier to shelf-priced products.
The fact is, in the long term, it is possible that every category will develop customization to reach certain niches. Even your "Economy of the abundance" makes clear that will be easier to develop those brand extensions in the years to come.
A quick example: for one of our clients, we developed a store at Second Life. In two days, we had more visits than at the real store in three months. A niche that would never visit the real store.
Even Unilever is cutomizing there products to aim (providing an option) to a broader range of consumers.
I really would like to hear your opinion on how the long tail applies to a shelf-priced product like Tyde.

Irene Grumman

Isn't a factoid something spurious? Do you not believe the information given in the final paragraph? I suppose a factoid could also be information that is trivial, or misleading, but that doesn't seem apply.

ipod accessories

Any chance you can rotate the picture to level to really see true lean angle? Why do these shots get tilted?

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