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January 14, 2007



The Long Tail effect is great news to any guerrilla filmmaker looking to market his film.

The tips provided from the DV Rebels guide came from the email version of CoolTools, but isn't on the website yet? I'd love to read the full post. I left some of my thoughts regarding How to make a Long Tail movie on my blog.


Blogger doesn't take advantage of the Trackback feature, but I really wish it would.

Kevin Kelly

My review is posted here at
Cool Tools.

Kevin Kelly

My review is posted here at
Cool Tools.


Kevin, I saw your review and updated my post. I can't wait to read DV Rebels. How does it compare to Rebel without a Crew?


It seems there is a potential market for a long tail in TV as well. See http://www.babelgum.com/owners.php. Babelgum is trying to build a business on it. Interesting to see whether they succeed.

Rudy Wilson

Hello..how do I get my published stories and novels to movie makers as material for films??? I have references and awards and a good resume....How do I get read ???? ny ideas??? Thanks RW


Really interesting, thanks for all the tips - particular like the filming from your pickup one!


I love the excerpt “When the fire alarm goes off, that’s just about the right amount of smoke to enhance your production value.”
Chris Anderson’s article mentions the Four Eyed Monsters (the film you all know I’m obsessed with…) and their tutorials on their site.

4EM started a fresh little trend of telling all of their users HOW to do what they did. They are very open and real about what they do for a living… and people like it.

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