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January 03, 2007



I've recently moved to a reasonably densely populated area. In the process of moving I had the usual hassle with the local cable/satellite providers, so I went the other way instead. I now happily have access to all the major networks on my TV, using just an amplified $50 rabbit ear antenna!

Even better, I bought an HD TV including at ATSC tuner so that the broadcast HD comes in clear as a bell, and better than cable or satellite. It's a function of a digital signal that you tend either to get it or not, and if you get it, it's perfect.

Even better, and why this is a reply to your post, is that in my area the PBS is broadcasting on one analog station, but on the digital receiver it is sending out three different signals!

The money I'm not paying to the cable/satellite companies is basicly paying for the LCD HD TV, and the occassional DVD rental.

Everything old is new again!



Link to the science blog is just the gif image.... It does not show up on the Wired list of blogs either.... You are such a tease.

Chris Anderson


The link is on the name in the text, not the image. Stupidly, I can't figure out how to make Live Writer put a link on image. Anyway, it's here:




Good to see you're still working to flesh out Louis' vision!

Shall we look for Netizen to be relaunched any time soon?

; )


The part where Adam discovers the meteorite is awesome! Quick question: If this turns into a full on show will it be available for download as video blog/podcast?


What a pleasure to find the WIRED science show on my San Diego station, KPBS! The subjects were interesting, and were presented with good visuals and well chosen points. The show was consistent with the style of the magazine. Avoiding the condescension, pomposity, or cheap jokes often seen on science programs, the emphasis on hard work and joy in discovery may encourage more people to become scientists, and to support the sciences.

Connor Anderson

I caught it by accident this week and thought it was very good. Watched with by 9 year-old daughter.

One thing though, the female anchor's pronnnciation the term, Silicone Valley kind of blew their credibility a bit.


I'm glad you posted this, Chris - it certainly is interesting that Guy http://www.dvrmaster.com blog hasn't made outlandish sums of money from online advertising. Good thoughts. Robyn is right that Guy's blog could probably make much more from advertising. I think the "don't quit your day job to blog" advice is a great warning to take into consideration before starting up a blog with intent to monetize ... but there are plenty of blogs making $5-10 (or more) per thousand page views. For example, Know More Media (I'm an editor there)

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