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January 16, 2007



Hey Chris, I'm just curious: What brings you to Las Vegas? (my town)

Thomas R. Clifford

Perfect! I started blogging a year ago for some of the reasons mentioned.

Specifically, I saw a gap in my industry and decided to fill it:

1. Few corporate-image filmmakers had blogs. So I created one.

2. I wanted to generate and ignite conversations with others about the role of corporate films. Conversations are happening.

3. Create a place where I can share ideas from a producer/director's point of view on what makes a successful corporate film. Ideas now shared.

Thanks, Chris, for pointing this out :-)

Chris Anderson

I'm here to speak at NATPE


Actually, my New Years Resolution was (and still is) to stop blogging. I spent the last year spending all my time blogging, and all it did was take time away from me discovering new things through my feeds.

Blogging takes too long for what, some serps ego trip? I'm much happier now building up my delicious account for myself (and whoever wants to groke it).

After all, it's my time, this is how I get the most out of it.


It makes me feel good that we have such insightful people like you to share there thoughts on the world. If only politicians would read this post.


Really, my resolution of the New Year era to stop blogging. I spent the year last that passed all my hour blogging, and everything what it did it was time of the taking far from me who discovered new things through my feedings.

Blogging takes too much long for which, serps travels of the ego of some? I am much more happy now accumulating my delicious one I explain myself.

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