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February 03, 2007


Jason Carroll

Thanks! This summer I went through a RC Fever, but could never get a feel of where to start. After the snows and cold winds abate, I'll be ready to try the Firebird.

Francisco Hernandez

Check out F3P type flying sometime, heres a taste:


not for everyone, but sure looks amazing to watch!


Geeky is designing your own RC planes. I had great fun coming up with versions of V tail RC planes.

The link is to the last V tail plane I built before switching to RC sailboats. Of course, I design my own sailboats, too.



Check out goflykite.com I saw the "planes" demoed when I was passing through there a year ago and they ship internationally. Very cool as well and if you don't want to build it yourself. Also they have a software package you plug your remote into to train before you fly. Nice guys.

Chester Bullock

I had a plane similar to the Parkzone Striker - the results from the first flight are at https://www.bullockfamily.com/photos/photoview.phtml?photoid=1727. I put a lot of time into building this, and I probably should not have made it my first plane to fly. But the damage you see is from a direct flight into the ground from launch. I never really got to fly it.

However, we flew a Firebird plane for my son on several occasions after mine died, and it worked great. Been wanting to get another one. Maybe after baseball season when he and I have more time...

Kevin Kelly


We also got a Hobbyzone Firebird as our first plane and after much fun we did manage to break the main stem. I thinking buying or making a cheap plane is no longer the gating factor. What I concluded is that the trick to these planes is learning how to fly them. It's very counterintuitive at first. Several pros have suggested using flight simulators with the RC control module as the driver is the way to learn. Have you tried that yet?

Chris Anderson


I've just ordered the RealFlight simulator so I'll soon see how well it works. Now that I've learned to fly with the cheap but simple planes, I want to avoid the same crash-driven learning curve for the more complex and expensive planes that will be coming next.



I'm just getting into RC planes and recently ordered the Carbon Butterfly from Plantraco. I've heard great reviews and it looks like a great option for flying around the living room or office. It also includes a freeware Flight Simulator. link: https://www.plantraco.com/hobbies/product_carbon_butterfly.html


I think you're wrong about the cheap Radioshack planes. The Air Hogs biplane, in particular, is a great toy and has become quite popular among the more hardcore RC crowd. It's extremely crash resistant, cheap, and easily modified (rip off the bottom set of wings etc). You can give the controls to a little kid without worrying about losing the plane.

MOST of the 30 dollar RC planes are junk, but a few are quite astounding for their price. Discussion on mods and other things here:



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lee leslie

I am an expert pilot, that is if the gauge of an expert is if he or she can fly a plane for experts only with proficiency, and I can. I recently took a vacation to Cabo San Lucas MX, we drove our motorhome down till we got a couple hundred miles S of TJ and decided that the roads were not good enough to continue as it was raining heavily, we then decided to go back to TJ and take a plane the rest of the way. Well, since we were now going to be flying I would only be able to take one small plane with me to fly on my trip. I took a parkzone cessna 210 which quickly broke on the first day in Cabo. I searched and searched for a honnyshop in Cabo to buy a plane I could fly while on vacation and ended up buying a Hobbyzone Ventura. Wow, what a piece of garbage, I mean this thing should removed from every shelf of every hobbyshop on the planet. Tried to hand launch5 or 6 times and was not able to keep the plane in the air longer than I would have if it were a rock I threw. After many attempts I wondered if I would have better luck if I were way high up and threw it off from there so i got to high ground where I launched a few more times. I did get it airborne if you call it that, on its way to the ground it made a continuous left hand turn nomatter what I did. I have over 100 planes and honestly strongly recommend that you do not purchase this plane under any circumstances, get something that flys well. the Supercub is the best 1st plane that comes to mind.


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This is awesome! It does look like an oversized RC plane lol. The fact that it can recharge itself is quite a feat in this technology. The wingspan is large enough to house some solar panels as well... why not? lol

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