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February 07, 2007



Interesting, found similar thing here..see the articles section.



Thank you for sharing that:)


Wow that was awesome!


Get real. Orwell warned of a state so powerful it could rewrite history on the fly. Now we have a web so powerful anyone can rewrite history in real time if they have sufficient compulsive determination.


That was amazing. I wish my anthro profs (I'm not an anthro person, I just take a few classes over there out of boredom with my own comm dept) had a clue.

Tom Higley

Quite extraordinary. Thank you.


Inspiring and superbly illustrated. Thank you.

Joe Duck

Great! Thanks for posting this and to the Prof for an outstanding piece.


The real sign that times have changed will be if the academy lets him claim the movie as a scholary work when it comes time for his tenure decision. Not that any of the voting members will have achieved an audience a tenth the size in their entire careers.

Gary M

I really enjoyed that piece...and fully appreciate the time and effort put into building it! I am VERY glad I found it.

Louis Simoneau

Awesome. Thanks.

mel taylor

quite thought provoking.
thanks for sharing


wow, great piece. thanks for posting it chris.

Mike Abundo

Posted this on my blog for all my neo-luddite flamers.


@Max: That would only be true if it were centrally controlled. What you actually see with the web is the fact that people can no longer edit their own history, because it is captured by other people (internet archives, opponents, links, screenshots, rss feed history) and they are often called out when they change history.

@Chris: That was beautiful. Especially the end. It was good until the end. Then it was amazing.


Awesome.. I can feel the world is changing.


Really Fantastic! loved it


Really Fantastic! loved it

Mike Sollanych

Brilliant and well thought-out. Can't wait for the Semantic Web (3.0, if we want to keep versioning these things) - when everything is linked to everything else with an RDF-encoded reason, and we know why things are connected together. Rather than a flickr, it'll be a spotlight.

carl rahn griffith

interesting - nice to see the textual aspect of the web glammed up; all too often the web seems to be perceived as nothing more than a distribution platform for audio and video files of often dubious relevance. we should never forget the fundamental ethos of the web is textual, contextual and hyperlinking - apt timing, it being the anniversary a few days ago of sir tim berners less's release of the 1st ever true browser. thanks for that, chris.


Inspiring and superbly illustrated. Thank you.


that makes me weep in happiness that others "see it" too..

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