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March 09, 2007


Brett Duncan

Rock on! That's what marketing is really about. Screw the legalistic nays and tug on my heart (guitar?) strings!


what is that, big red button ???
its a new mouse :o) ???



Long tail Microcapitalism...
Just wrote a little piece about Long Tail capitalism in my little blog. Might be an interesting read, as I haven't seen Anderson talk about this yet, though I might have missed it.
Actually, the pertinent example (to this musioc post) is one example I cite, www.sellaband.com, the other is kiva.org. Check 'em out and if anyone has found anything similar, let me know. Or if Anderson wants to take a stab at the subject, I'd be interested to see the results.

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Nabeel Hyatt

Chris, great post.

However one key point that the Relentless made about Buzz! was that the big red buttons were NOT just a marketing benefit.

Sure it helped to have four big red buttons on the box to help is stand out. Especially since it still sold for the typical console retail price.

However more importantly their contention is that it helped immerse the players in the game. What is the best moment of being in a game show? Knowing the answer and slamming your whole palm onto that big red button. If you are just using your thumb to tap the X key, the drama is completely lost.

- Nabeel

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