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May 27, 2007


Anil Dash

Best. Dad. Evar. (Except mine.)

I am really sympathetic to the FAA regulatory goals you've got for the project, but I have to admit, I like it a lot better as just plain (ha!) hacking.

The other thing that's misssing, compared to my days of launching model rockets, is things blowing up or deliberately crashing. Any plans for adding fun destruction to the mix?

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OMG,so admiring,it has being my dream from childhood,i wish i can fly freely one day,hehe,it's just a dream for me.anyway,Thank u for your sharing.

Chris Neumann

I'm a private pilot, and most of the controversy around the UAVs is the "real" ones. Visual flight depends on pilots seeing one another and communicating over the radio to avoid one another. Whenever they are doing flight testing of those predator drones, they have to put up a temporary flight restriction around the airport that they're testing from. they've been doing a lot of testing at beale AFB lately, and it seems like they put these TFRs up every day. These lego projects seem like they're no problem to me. 400' and under is pretty much completely unregulated unless you're at or near an airport, and no one but crop dusters flies that low. That said, if you did somehow hit a real airplane, it could potentially be a real problem, so I do hope the FAA at least puts forth some guidelines since as you say, people are going to go out and do this stuff anyway.

Cool project! If you want to take your kids up for a flight around the bay area, get in touch and I'll take you for a ride - my plane is based at San Carlos airport.

Eric in Colorado

The female announcer with a British accent sounds cool. Really adds to the sophistication of the production. Kind of a modern-day RAF feel.


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I am a chinese student and I am reading your book about the long tail
I can not agree with you more!
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Paul Kretkowski

I agree with the above commenter that al-Qa'ida in Iraq will dig this—it is the very model of a modern major dual-use technology.

You might want to consider taking this discussion offline—or at least, don't progress to modding Estes rockets with guidance systems and the ability to carry larger/denser payloads.


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The copilot system just stabilizes (keeps the wings level, etc). The autopilot navigates(steers to waypoints, etc). We use both on this UAV. Takeoff and landing are manual.

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