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May 05, 2007


Mike Abundo

If he's really serious about this, he should open MySpace up to third-party widgets. Even Tila Tequila knows that.


How this is about the long tail?

Preetham Venky

I think increasingly, information will become more Peer to Peer. This would mean more unrestricted publishing of information by the people for the people - rings a bell does'nt it. Now, that's true democracy, atleast in the Virtual world :)

Hugh Brown

Oh, come on, Chris.

"... networking ... is ... impervious to constraints of distance, time or cost."

What a load of techno-utopian hype. Ever tried to network with someone who's asleep on the other side of the world? Or manage a project that involves coders and/or designers in a few time zones? Technology doesn't solve those issues.

"And people ... are no longer content to be a passive audience; they insist on being participants, on creating their own material and finding others who will want to read, listen and watch."

Anyone who's been involved in teaching New Media will know how far this is from true. Sure, a proportion of users are in this category, but it's a very small proportion of the population.

This is just Murdoch taking an opportunity to talk up his assets. Given a free plug by Forbes. He's right about the long-tail opportunities (which is what you're on about) but not even close on some of the other stuff. If Murdoch was serious about Longtailing he'd open up the News Ltd archives to Google and stick an advert on every page ...

For an alternate reality, see http://andrewkeen.typepad.com/the_great_seduction/ and don't believe Murdoch's hype ...

Noah Brier

All of the essays are on the Forbes site.


Easy for him to say from the position of head of the biggest media conglomerate in the world! The sheer scale of the MySpaces of this world is in itself a threat to the long tale. What happens to niche users who don't quite want to do things Murdoch's way? And does anyone believe he actually wrote that? He might have approved it but I doubt very much he scheduled out a couple of hours to knock out an article that an intern probably culled off sources such as, The Long Tail. He gets it - but not any eye to the cultural capital it could ultimately provide.


Network is ultimate power.

John Brissenden

By coincidence, I used to work for Murdoch (at Sky, his UK digital broadcasting arm) and now teach university students about media economics - your book is one of the core texts. Murdoch's been spouting this techno-utopian propaganda for about 20 years as part of his assault on what he portrays as cultural and policy elites. And he's done pretty well out of it. I'd rather take my networks stargazing from someone like Yochai Benkler, is all.


The new media will finally change the people's life in autocratic countries.

wow powerleveling

Click photo to enlargeRupert Murdoch, Chairman of News Corp. arrives at a meeting... (David Karp/The Associated Press)«1»As Rupert Murdoch advances in his bid to buy The Wall Street Journal and its parent, Dow Jones & Co., a central issue is whether he would preserve the independence of its news operations - and keep his own views and commercial interests from coloring what appears in the paper's news pages.
Since his $5 billion offer became public last month,maple story powerleveling some members of the Bancroft family, which controls Dow Jones, have expressed skepticism about his promise to preserve the paper's independence. Another big shareholder, James Ottaway Jr., declared that Murdoch has long ''expressed his personal, political and business biases through his newspapers and television stations.''



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