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May 25, 2007


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Have you considered or written about a long tail in the 300,000 churches in the US? There are several hundred mega-churches (> 2000 people). And then there's 80% of churches with less than 200 people.

I'm trying to gather some empirical data to graph, and I'll bet it looks very much like your quintessential long tail distribution.



First, the composite metric really does change the rankings: Levi is #15 by this method, but #52 if you only ranked by frequency. Likewise, King Saul would be #51 if you only ranked by book mentions, because he's mentioned in just a few books: but he's clearly one of the most important characters in those books, and so it seems fitting that incorporating frequency and chapter dispersion boosts him up to #10 in the composite metric rank.


Male dominated religion. Bleah. Not even enough space for the women in the tail.


I take it "God" or "the Lord" would relegate all other names to the long tail extremities and has therefore been excluded?

wow powerleveling

it's not too bad,i agree with your point.

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