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September 22, 2007


Paul Mabray

Chris - looking forward to geeking out on Halo 3 myself. Unfortunately I have 9 years till Finn (my son) joins me and then we'll be on Halo 7 and Xbox 720 - LOL. I am sure Halo 3 is game of the year but if you haven't had the chance, I HIGHLY recommend you grab BioShock - great, great game loosely based on Ayn Rand's writings.

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Glynn Lavender

Great perspective Chris.
We hear too much about how video games cause isolation and reduce family time and it has long been my belief that you need to embrace what your children are into. How else can you share their life and understand their viewpoint?

Dave Allen

Glynn, er, not being a gamer I don't get this. How video games improve family time unless the "whole" family is involved, mom, son, daughters, is beyond me. Children grow up "being into" what their parents are into for sure, so in our household it's music, they all play instruments, snowboarding, we all as a family snowboard, travel abroad regularly etc etc. But being pinned to a device playing war games....well, if you have to justify it...but then I'm not a gamer, I'd rather be out and about. I'm reluctant to press post here as I know I'm in the wrong place to be saying this.... enjoy Halo 3!

Dave Allen, Pampelmoose


I think you are in the right place to post your comment as I agree with your comments too, but I also believe that not everyone in a family has to like the same things but as a parent it's good to get involved in the things they are interested in, be that computer games or playing the trumpet.



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I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying. I have always felt that Halo should have been teen. There is very minimal blood and most of it is alien blood which is purple and blue. Keep up the good work.

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