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October 26, 2007



If anything, it's provided exposure. I haven't looked at any of the free pdfs, but this is the second post I've seen on the book (the other was Frauenfelder's). So it isn't even out yet, and I'm already aware of its existence. That's just good marketing.

Michael A. Banks

Thank you for sharing the chapter, Chris. Obviously, I hope enough people are interested by the samples to pick up the book at a bookstore or library. It's certainly more convenient in one package, and and the book does have illustrations, including a couple of particularly fun ones in Mark Frauenfelder's chapter.

More importantly, as diverse a group as the interviewees are, a strong collective thxme emerges from the chapters.
--Mike Banks

Shawn Lea

It kind of reminds me of those Who's Who books - they hope your friends and family (and blog readers obviously) will buy one just to read your chapter.


This is somewhat similar to Meetup.com's marketing strategy, which is quite brilliant. Meetup rents out websites to people so that they can be "Organizers," people who organize events for their local community around a common interest.

Each of these Organizers promote their own group -- a group for knitting, a group for football, a group to experience the culture of New York City (like my group, Culture for the Non-Cultured).

All of these promoters panders to what is essentially thousands of Long Tails and promotes Meetup.com as a whole.

Michael A. Banks

Never could see paying all that money for a few lines of ink that only you read. Here's hoping that folks will want to read more than one chapter of BH.

Miikka Leinonen

I think the future authors are more willing to keep the thinking process and writing process open for public. That works extremely well as a marketing tool and creates much anticipation for the book. Just like American Idol.

Ellen Gerstein

Thanks for posting the chapter, Chris. It will be very intersting to see what conversations generate from this. At the same time, and for me, more importantly, I'm eager to see whether word about the book can break out of the "echochamber" that the blogosphere can become. If someone reads a print review or picks it up after browsing it in a physical bookstore, it's a huge validation for the topic.


I think it's a good way to promote buzz about the book. I'm sure I will just read the downloaded chapters, but that's largely because I live in Argentina and it's not easy to get the physical book here. But if I really liked the interviews, lived in the U.S., then I might just buy the book.


Yep, very smart buzz machine. But as usual, "The World's Top Bloggers" interviewed in the book turn out to be exclusively "America's Top Bloggers".

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Colin Bodell

The Amazon Kindle enables you to download the first chapter of over 90,000 books for no cost. Read and decide if you want to buy the rest of the book. Saved me buying Steven Colbert's book "I Am America...". Love him on TV, but the book (at least chapter 1) blows.

Derrick Sorles - web 2.0 consultant

Thanks for sharing the Chapter! I will blog about it! I think it's very clever marketing and just enough tease to go out and buy the book. And I will buy the book. I don't have time to go to the 30 sites and download the samples!


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