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December 14, 2007


Barry Ritholtz

I mentioned the same table of Online Ad Spending by emarketer yesterday -- apparently, they are not anticipating ANY sort of an economic induced ad slow down next year or 2009.

My media clients (TV and print) see it differently;

Chris, you have a unique vantage point -- what is your perspective of online advertising ramp up for the next few Qs or years?

Chris Anderson


The impression I'm getting from our business side is that demand is still very strong, but we're a special case. First, a good bit of our advertising is "integrated packages" with print, and the fact that the online side of that is growing fast should come as no surprise. Second, we're just going into our second year after getting our website back, so the full effect of the Conde Nast ad sales team and our relationships with big advertisers has just begun to be felt. We're also very much on the non-commodity side of the business, so I don't think you can draw many broader conclusions about the online ad market as a whole from our own experience.


Mr. Anderson:

I have just seen your Nokia Keynote (through Guy Kawasaki's blog) and it got me thinking. In addition to seeing your conference through the web I have also seen you speak live. And while live talks are richer the difference is marginal. Your lecture seems to indicate that drop in price increases adoption which then reduces cost of production leading to a secular trend in price reduction. I completely agree. When I attended your lecture we paid $1,200 for the conference. Now if I could access that same video for $5 through some sort of online streaming interface I bet it would asymmetrically spike attendance.



I have invented the new model for music. I will be rolling it out mid-2008.



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