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December 26, 2007


Dane Cao

Glad to learn that your 2007 is a great year. Gladder to hear your 2008 is gonna be even more exciting.

Happy holidays,Mr Anderson.

And you are going BIG here in China too...

(I find it intriguing a high-profile intellectual like you would care for shows like "Ugly Betty".)


Nerd alert! - You gots a typo in your GeekDad update: "This become (became) an official Wired blog this year."

Chris Anderson

MK: good catch! Fixed
Dane: You slightly missed the point. I didn't watch any TV this year at all, and was only told about Ugly Betty by my 12-year-old neice last week on a tour of Conde Nast "fashion closets", which apparently figures in the show. She couldn't believe I didn't know about it. I just used that an excuse to have a picture of a cute nerdy woman in my post.


Congratulations on all the success! May 2008 bring you even more! Just downloaded your talk at Nokia World and will be watching it on my iPod.


I think it's because you don't watch TV that you get so much done. People are always telling me that I obviously have too much time on my hands (too productive), but they would too if they would just abandon all that wasted time in front of a television.

Brad V.

I'm fairly up-to-date on news/politics stuff, but only because I read various blogs and websites - not from television. I do remain happily oblivious to sports, celebrity news and many shows on primetime. In fact, I was surprised to hear over the summer that the Chicago Bears won the super bowl. Considering I live in Chicago...


Congratulations on a spectacular year that bore fruit from earlier efforts and budded new ones. Having fun with the kids takes priority!



I really liked your book The Long Tail. Read the first few chapters when a friend lent it to me, but decided I had to buy my own copy was it so freakin' good.
I am delighted that you're coming up with The Longer Tail. Though now I am feeling a little cheated. Of course I want to read about Long Tail Marketing. Its a subject thats of interest. But would I buy the book for two more chapters? Maybe I will because I liked it so much. But I don't see how books that print their "updated" editions, appeal to their initial readers. Shouldn't these new chapters be made available individually, without having to buy the whole book, for the benefits of those who have read/purchased the first edition?

Peter Howitt

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say that we are going to try to get a derivative word from the long tail into the dictionary. Tailcasting = broadcasting the long end of the tail!

Wish us luck.

Best wishes




Thanks for including Cheerful Givers in your recommended list. Will be great to spread the good word -- and perhaps gain a few more Cheerful Givers in the process.

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