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March 07, 2008


Maria H. Andersen

Thanks for sharing Chris! (since I don't have TV, I wouldn't have seen it unless you pointed it out) I particularly liked your comment about the drones - "because they're cool" - very eloquent! :) I know I'm going to cringe when I see a couple of the talks I've done recently go up on the web.


Well I just debited 22 minutes from my "attention account" and feel I have received real value.

Thanks for posting this.


"I, meanwhile, managed to put my foot in it by suggesting that Charlie Rose was of the 'wrong generation, er, decade, er..'"

But there was only one thing you said which Rose disagreed with (he says so himself!), and that was the point about understanding rich, western markets. You called him an old fogey and got away with it.

Andrew Pass


I'm absolutely intrigued by your ideas. But, I want to take issue with something that you said at the end of your discussion with Mr. Rose, if I understood it correctly. You seem to indicate that individuals living in North America will continue to develop concept plans for ideas since they understand what other North Americans want and then we can off-shore the stuff to China to be built.

Here's the problem, as China continuously develops who is to say that the Chinese won't have the ability to sell products to people in other parts of the world, in the process strengthening their own economy. As the Chinese economy strengthens why will the U.S. be the center of the global market place? Perhaps, given our relatively small population, the Chinese will focus their attention elsewhere. If U.S. citizens want to buy stuff, they'll certainly be able to do so. But their strength in dictating what gets made will diminish. Imagine a future in which Americans have to make things that Americans want. Unlike the past, we will not be able to easily sell our products abroad at high prices. Perhaps the U.S. is on the road towards a weaker market position.

Whether or not I have the facts right, I'm somewhat surprised that you didn't raise this possibility in the closing minutes of your interview with Mr. Rose.


I'm afraid that your disdain for nearly everything that you did not "invent" is the primary takeaway from what could have been an opportunity to lead, educate, and encourage.

Joe Hunkins

Chris it was an excellent interview - you are too hard on yourself here!

Tony Leach


This was a great interview - I love hearing you speak about industries and the transition to free business models.

And I must say I appreciated the mention of stock broking transitioning to becoming free! I also liked your viewpoint of narrow social networks for narrow communities. Both free and niche communities are things that we've believed for a long time at Zecco.

I'm really looking forward to reading your book when it comes out.

- Tony

Scott Ashwell

A wonderful interview touching on so many important issues.

"How do you remain relevant in a world that is fragmenting?"

This is what your closing discussion only began to address, and one I believe our educational system needs to address.

Thanks for this post.

- Scott

Benjamin Huot

I guess I am part if the gift economy.

I think that Microsoft is going down because they are not successful outside of operating systems and office suites which they already dominate. Microsoft will not succeed at the web because they are boring. People use them for business but not for pleasure.

By made in America you mean Apple. No one else will put the same effort in design - even within the US. China is definitely going to be the next world power and the US is on for a long decline. The Chinese were always very far ahead of us intellectually and technologically. Europe's industrial revolution/war machine was based on technology they found in China that the Chinese invented thousands of years ago and the only reason why the Chinese didn't develop those technologies for warfare was because they were focused on morality. Now with communism, they no longer worry as much about ethics and more about weapons technology and will easily outdo the west.


I saw the piece and I thought you were solid but what I found more surprising was how sharp and acutely relevant Rose was. Definitely not the old fogey he would appear.

Matt Kingsley

Not sure if you've seen the latest Heima docuentary from Sigur Ros but they just made it available on youtube (legally) for free viewing. The 90 minute film documents all the free shows they played in Iceland after their world tour as an act of giving. It's interesting to see an EMI Records band (and film) give so much away.


Bertil Hatt

How is saying that Charlie Ross is a generation older then the MySpace core demographics being rude? It is stating a relevant fact, something an excellent journalist like him generally enjoys, no? Maybe it's the Carlifornian influence, but I hope a man, whose gravitas reaches trademark status, is not having age-related concerns — please leave that to the frightened 19yo brain-dead blonde model/actress/waitress who is offended if you ask here how young she is by wondering ”20?“

Otherwise, great summary of all what this is about; fantastic interviewer.

I *do* have one big issue: the “us versus them” rhetoric about China.
I disagree with you about how far there are and the influence it will have (HTC understands me better then Apple, cell-phone wise, e.g. and the designers are Taiwanese, just like my favourite movie) but more importantly, I am offended by how your nationalism prevailed: “us” is not the journalists, the rich and famous, its “Americans” or “Westerners”; not sure “Colonials” would fit, but “White folks” maybe? Your “them” sounded very much like “the yellow folks out there, where I don't want to go” — and the sudden drop of argument around what China (or Asia, or the industrial part of Nothern China where iPod are made) is about, betrayed your ignorance.

Please, learn about those billions of people for whom “Free” is not 0.00$, but 0.00£, €, ù, F, etc. By doing so, you might come up with explanation why Asia and Chinese people are significantly different to “you”, and what are the consequence for that. “There be faraway dragons” is not an acceptable answer anymore.

Randall Smith


You made a great point on production and relevance being two very different types of quality on the internet (see 13:15 into video), whereby relevance, I believe, has not been previously given as much consideration - hopefully now the rest of the world will learn that the old-school concept of quality emperor has no clothes.



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