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June 25, 2008



A follow up on "Follow The Law": could this (the attractiveness of following favorable regulatory environments) be what will make seasteading


take off?

Xander Becket

OK, I'm officially floored.


That man's take on Canadian politics is so flawed as to cast doubt on anything else he claims to know. I would be wary of trusting my data with a man so blinkered.


All your blackberry traffic goes through RIM central in Waterloo, Ontario. When we nationalize RIM, we will control the United States Congress!! Bow to your Canadian overlords!! Nya ha ha ha ha!

Alec Saunders

That is hysterical! Let me guess. Before this wingnut went into the data center business he owned sugar factories in Cuba, right?

Triona Carey

This is poor reportage indeed. There is no attribution of source or justification for anonymity.

Shoddy journalism that implies all sorts of political weaknesses in Canada - as an Irish person living in the UK, I have no direct vested interest, just shocked that one of our web gurus is so sloppy in his work.

Deary me

Chris Edwards

Can I ask what the source was for the figure of 70MHz for the operating frequency of the brain. That seems pretty high given that signals passed by neurons are electrochemical and operate over periods of hundreds of microseconds.

The 70MHz surely can't be derived from Bruce Tainio's 'biofrequency' can it?

From a Canadian

Changes in Canadian government should not be a concern, the main reason their are not many data centres in Canada is the cost of bandwidth.

The backbone providers are few and the rates are huge which is why I run my servers out of the states.

If Manitoba had more backbone connections you would definitely see more data centres being built here due to the low cost of hydro power. We have crunched the math, weighted the risks (of having too few available connections) and have been unable to justify setting our servers up here.

Chris Anderson


WTF? Who said this was "journalism" (whatever that means these days)? I had a private conversation with someone who wouldn't want his name mentioned and I respected that. This is my personal blog--"a public diary" as it says at the top--not the New York Times. If your high horse doesn't stoop to this form of casual writing, you may be happier elsewhere.

Chris Anderson


RE: 70MHz, that's a question for Kevin, not me. I'm not the author of that piece.


Interesting post, as always, Chris. However, I do agree the guy's take on Canadian politics is off base. The Liberals have been in power for 13 of the past 16 years. Lots of wacky things can be said about the Canadian political landscape, but, the Seattle guy's interpretation is unfortunate.

James Murfin

Chris, can you share more about the company running the Amazon/Microsoft data centres? Fascinated by that business model and interested to learn more. Thanks, James.

Steve C.

Wouldn't someone WANT to diverisfy their dependence on resources? Sort of a server farm "hedge-fund" against changes over time.
The US, Canada, Mexico...all of these countries have political, financial, or technological differences and many of the advantages of one could off-set the disadvantages of another.


a wave flowing around the globe at night, or following the moon.

"Following the moon" is a really misleading way of saying "takes place at night" (since the moon only spends half of its time in the nighttime sky; the other half of the time it's in the daytime sky). "Following the moon" suggests some kind of monthly cycle.


Wow, seriously Chris, that guy couldn't be more off base about Canada. Look at the swing in politics in the US from Clinton to war-mongering, economy destroying Bush and his Homeland Security and wiretapping, etc. I'd be much more worried about the US gov't pulling something in the name of "anti-terror" than the Canadian gov't. Nonetheless he's obviously doing something right if he's grown his business that big.
I agree with the poster above who suggests spliting all the datacenters between different countries/regions - aside from the cost, of course, and the management and legal headaches.



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So there's all this power, and the way we access it is through either a QWERTY keyboard or a 12 key thumb interface. That's smart.

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