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September 15, 2008


Mukund Mohan

Read the article carefully please. He does not say HOW to make blockbusters. He asks "What makes a blockbuster". That's like defining a blockbuster NOT telling you how to go make one happen.

To address that question i.e. "What makes a blockbuster"? He has given his "criteria".


Quelch = owned

Matt Ragland

His comments remind me of a video from South Park:

1. Make a blockbuster
2. ???????
3. Profit!

Thanks for all the posts Chris!

Gregory Y

Reminiscent of Rockefeller three rules for creation of wealth:
1. Get up early
2. Work hard
3. Find oil

Chris Anderson

Matt and Gregory,

Those are genius, and unbelievably I hadn't hear either. You've enriched my day!

I'd encourage everyone to check out that South Park video, which is just 20 seconds long. It involves underpants.


I think we can classify any trendy new fusion restaurant as a blockbuster based on Quelch's criteria. But, doesn't the food industry make most of their profits in the long tail of compliments such as drinks and deserts? Is it more profitable to keep a well-stocked wine cellar or serve the same "block-buster" dish for 10 years?

Vijay Goel, M.D.

Now if I could just have Marty fetch me my DeLorean and next decade's newspaper, I'll be all set :)

Its amazing how hindsight's 20/20.

Pfizer almost killed Lipitor by the way. It took a passionate evangelist in the labs to get the drug out to the market...I think I read somewhere that Marissa Meyer almost killed AdSense as well...

Matt McKnight

I'd revise the steps to better capture the "Quelch doctrine" as follows:

1. ???????
2. Massive Profit!
3. Use qualities of #1 to define a blockbuster

What his theory seems to be missing is that only a very small portion of the ??????? is going to get to step 2, and the investment in all of those ones that don't make it cuts into the step 2 profits.

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He is not professor. Its only PR of Harvard, nothing else.

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for the blockbuster the only ingredient is the hardwork. Nothing less - nothing more:)

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