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September 08, 2008


Massimiliano F.

Hi Chris,

you wrote: "Only terrestrial radio remains purely free".
I don't know if it is true in the US (or i haven't understood what you said) but here, in Italy, radio follows the same schema used for TV: free contents with a lot of advertising inside.


Chris Anderson

Yes, that's what I meant. In the US most terrestrial radio is like it is in Italy, with no direct cost to consumers but lots of ads. Exceptions are public radio stations, which don't have advertising.

Jorge Carvalho

Chris, donĀ“t you think there is an interesting phenomenon happening with on-demand (Free-to-Air) multimedia content on the Internet? I see people/companies broadcasting their own tv shows without the need for traditional media. In Brazil this is growing fast!

Ex: Ad Agency - http://africa.com.br/
Ad Agency - http://enxame.tv/
Soccer Team! - http://enxame.tv/
Internet Portal - http://terratv.terra.com.br/

Jorge Carvalho

Soccer Team: www.tvgalo.com.br


Google is still be best model unless a "better" search engine comes along in the near future, which I certainly doubt.

cartouches d encre

Google is both an open and a closed source companies. Its crown jewel / secret recipe is in its server / service in the back-end that is totally closed. Can you imagine Google opening the source codes of search engine? or gmail server?

Google opens only its client software to encourage the use of its closed services. That is its business model.

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