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September 04, 2008


Eben Carlson

Ah--content as a loss leader, that'll give us a robust culture.

It didn't work for Soviet cars, why would it work for movies, songs, books, magazines or television.

Digital distribution will force us to float (that is raise) content prices--if we want more beautiful face that is.

I, for one, am done with long tails. Remember, this is the culture with which we have to live. If it's cheap, shoddy and done by amateurs it's like the richest people in the world living in Soviet-Era projects voluntarily. Stupid shit. Do you have any movies you're dying to see this weekend?

G Barral

Besides his obvious political goals and although MM is not one of my favourite Directors at all, I appreciate the fact that he's opening a New Era for the Movies Industry. Thanks to MM the Freeconomics Model is having an even stronger impact in the world.


Personally, I'm disappointed that it's being limited to North American customers. Probably something to do with copyright laws and/or distribution networks but I think that given the borderless nature of the internet, it should be available everywhere.


The film has been on the market for a year but no distributor has picked it up. He is giving away because no distributor wants to pay for it.

Kat Lash

When the people raise their consciousness to a higher level, everything (including politicians, corporations and film producers) will follow. We should all take a good hard look at ourselves if we want a better world. Imagine relationships based on love and respect rather than power!

Craig Kessler

Whether it's true that no one picked it up or a gimmick to try to dive into the radical online world and create buzz like Radiohead did earlier this year with their album, it's interesting to see. MM is a widely controversial director and people have open opinions about him. Not much of the youth knows him though so to see him take this format to try to strike them and increase voting is very interesting and if nothing else is a smart marketing gimmick. Hears one more example you can use in your book Chris.



Michael Moore interets me. He’s a controversial figure and certainly he means well and raises some good points. As for the bias or quality of his movies I can’t comment, having not seen them. The height of my Moore exposure is a letter he sent to fans via email about the financial crisis. A Rage Against the Machine video he directed and a cruelly parodied depiction of him in Team America!

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