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September 12, 2008



great story. :-)


interesting history, here is an insightful look at this topic applied to current technologies: http://www.kk.org/thetechnium/archives/2008/09/everything_too.php


Hi Chris

I read this post a while ago and I found it to be interesting.
Well, the other day I was thinking about this subject and I had an idea about how electricity would be too cheap to meter: wireless electricity.
In order to meter this kind of electric transmission I guess you would have to have meters on electronic devices that use it, for instance, if I have a laptop and am using this technology, my laptop would have to have a meter inside (like the ones that exist today on houses) and it would transmit information about the use of my laptop. So, this way, it would be too complex to implement a way of billing ant therefor, too cheap to meter.
So, what I think will happen in the future is that electricity will be free to use, like in police service's are free. You have to pay your taxes in order to have a police force serving you. So, you will have to pay a tax, maybe, to be able to use electricity, wich will be provided in a way, freely.

Well, this is just an idea.


PS: I saw you in a conference at my school, here in Chile (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez), great talk. The only thing is I forgot to ask you to sign my book. :-(
Ohh, and the woman interviewing you asked a lot of "not so smart" questions... :-o

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